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Flutter by in play feathered dove, Around your chamber of velvet, High in the sky. Your company is true and sublime as you dance Before mine eyes. My head soars as you fly and glide For love and in joy. I soften in thanks as I see thee graceful wing Allowing your beauty to rest upon. The air begins to soften, and pink blush on your wing Glitters by. Drift to slumber and stillness my love, the quiet of Your Dovecote in peace and joy.

I do find inspiration in all parts of my life. Being as busy as I am, I make sure I have a constant supply of imagery coming my way, whether in books, online or outdoors on my hikes. And came across an amazing image of a French pigeon with a sprout of amazing head feathers. I carried this image around me for the longest time, then forgot about my feathered friend.

One afternoon I sat on a quilt on the sidelines of the normal day activity of soccer practice for my John – I noticed a beautiful weathered Dovecote. This was a pigeon dovecote the nearby neighbors had apparently planned but it looked abandoned. As I sat there with intended paperwork for the 90 minutes in the late afternoon sun my attention focuses on a pair of doves who’d apparently made a home in the dovecote. They were darling and floated about, he left and returned and she playfully kissed him and took food indoors to her little brood. All the while my French pigeon had stirred my imagination yet again. Thus I wrote the above poem and sketched and played in color. Inspiration does come from everywhere. You just need to watch for it.  

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