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Salt Water

Growing up on the California coast stays with a girl. The salty sea air and the sun slowly descending into the pacific ocean will always mark the end of the day for me even if I am far away, this is what I see when I close my eyes. Designing Salt Water was like going home again. The ocean covers so much of the earth and most of what goes on out there is still a mystery. This collection is standing on the fine sand beach imagining a whole other universe under the current. An Octopus sits majestically aware in an intricate lattice work of seaweed, coral and tiny fish. A cluster of sea shells and starfish drift patiently on the ocean floor where their subtle beauty can only be appreciated by each other. Just on the surface seagulls ebb among the buoys and white caps investigating the source of their next meal or maybe they are pondering flight and the nature of the universe. All of these things and more are happening out there as we go about our every day lives. Salt Water is a tribute to the mystery of the deep sea. So relax, take a vacation even if it's only in the sewing room.
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