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In My Room

Many of my collections have been inspired by my passion for travel and experiencing the world with all its wild, beautiful diversity and color. But when it came time to begin this collection, I was struck by how much I adore and draw creative energy from my home. Some-maybe even most-of my most extraordinary journeys have happened not in some tropical paradise or high mountain chalet, but in my house. In my room. Whether it's a home studio, the kitchen, or just a comfy bedroom, most of us have a favorite space, a private space, where we can get away from the world at large and experience an inner world of imagination and inspriation. A space made by, and just for, yourself. A flower garden in my back yard. Vintage wallpaper inside an old closet. The colors and patterns I find around the hundred-year-old house I live in in Memphis. These are what I've drawn on to create this collection of floral, circular motifs, and vintage-inspired abstract patterns. It's unnecessary to travel the world to find art, peace, love all the things we seek outside of our homes and ourselves. A quite, personal space is all I need to find the most important things in my home, "In My Room."
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