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Fortiny is a new fabric collection named after my great aunt who lives in a beautiful little coastal village in southern Africa. It is nestled between mountains and both the Atlantic and Indian oceans on either side. The views are magnificent and the gardens are vegetation lush with vineyards splattered along the coast. A perfect African climate of dry heat and intense sunlight reflecting off the greenery and gardens making everything that much brighter and earthier all at the same time. Thus the color palettes are strife with earthy tones and a touch of bright green and earthy pinks. The village was established in the early 1900s so it is rich with culture and historic artifacts and gardens. There is a train that runs along this coastline and makes the bend around the village with sandy beaches on one side and perfect lush garden on the other between the mountain and the sea! As you sit back and look out of your train window everything is a quilt of earthy color and shapes.
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