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Baby Toiles
Baby Toiles

Jone Hallmark 

Jone Hallmark grew up in Austin, Texas in a family of artists. Starting at the age of two, it was a regular site to see Jone on the floor of her daddy's studio with a bowl of water, paints and long-handled brushes, and paintings scattered everywhere.

After high school, Jone pursued her passion of dance with a professional ballet career in Switzerland. She never gave up her first love though, drawing. In 1984 she paid a visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico and never left. It was the perfect combination of Texas skies and Swiss Alps. There she met her true love, married and brought three boys into the world.

Bryce & Madeline appeared when she was pregnant with number two son, Bryce. Had he been a she, number one son, Forrest, wanted to name him Madeline. Number three son Grayson is now almost 9 and an endless inspiration for all their adventures.

Jone loves to collect little, tiny things, loves dragonflies, lives in a two-inch square, and draws in a two-inch square. She loves color and lives in the moment. 

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